Targeting the Right Patient is an advanced selling discussion that focuses on utilizing patient types in selling! 

The industry selling challenge has continually been to have a selling discussion that combines how physicians categorize patient types and determine treatment.  Targeting the Right Patient solves the classic challenge of selling via patient types in a clear, crisp and concise discussion. The workshop is customized for office based products as well as hospital based products. 

  • Learn key physician terminology related to patient types.
  • Engage by utilizing physician language to describe patient types.
  • Describe key patient symptoms aligned to approved indications.
  • Utilize Patient Based Questions to understand physicians thoughts.
  • Incorporate Patient Based Commitments to patient types.
  • Develop Patient Based Briefings for short call duration.
  • Create Patient Based Bridges to secondary products.
  • Enable call continuity based on patient types.

An Interview with John Kuchna about selling via patient types

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